Celebrity xpedition

Celebrity Xpedition®  is a  100-passenger ship in the Galapagos Islands

Quito Ecuador

Quito is the capital of Ecuador and the starting point for most points of interest in Ecuador.  Quito airport is the best way to get to the Galapagos (Baltra).  Quito is located at an altitude of about 9,350 feet (2,850 m) and is the 2nd highest capital in the world (after La Paz, Bolivia).  Quito is surrounded by several volcanoes.

Top things to do in Quito.

  1. Take the Hop On / Hop Off bus and make a tour of the city.  Determine the locations you want to visit and get of the bus or continue your tour, but make sure you note what you want to see in Quito.
  2. Walk old town, join of one the guided tour
  3. Visit the presidential palace (Carendolet Palace), tours are available, don't miss the change of the guards.
  4. Churches and more Churches, visit the basilica, the cathedral,  17th-century La Compania de Jesus (covered in gold) 
  5. Visit El Panecillo hill and the Virgin (Hop On/ Hop Off Stop)
  6. Visit the center of the world, a short trip from Quito
  7.  Ride the Teleferiqo
  8. Visit on of the markets
  9. Visit the San Francisco Convent and Museum
  10. Take a day trip to a crater lake ( Quilotoa) or the cloud forest (Mindo)

center of the world, Ecuador

Visit Ciudad Mitad del Mundo about 25 miles from Quito.  Visit the monuments for the Equator, don't forget there are two monuments, the old one in the city and the new one in Ciudad Mitad del Mundo which is the location of the new Monument to the Equator.  In the same are visit the Sun Museum, Museo de Sito Intinan.

Baltra Island, Seymour airport (GPS)

Seymour airport is one of the three airports in the Galapagos, it is the busiest of the three and the most convenient with multiple daily flights from Quito.