Keukenhof (it translates from Dutch to Kitchen garden ) is known as the Garden of Europe, it  is one of the world's largest flower gardens, located in Lisse, the Nehterlands, close to the city of Leiden.

Het Keukenhof plants around 7 million bulbs in an area of about 80 acres.

A boat tour is available, the tour takes your through the canals of the area surrounding the park, this gives you and incredible view of all the fields and one of the main export products of the Netherlands; "Flower Bulbs"

While visiting Lisse, don't forget the cities of Leiden or Delft.  These are smaller, less knows cities, but the have a lot of charm and good restaurants.


  • Most Important to know is when is HET KEUKENHOF open,  the localtion is seasonal and open March to May, so please check opening days before planning your trip
  • Het Keukenhof is located in the city of Lisse, not far from Leiden.
  • Last time we visited we rented a car and staid in Leiden (about 20km), made a day trip to Het Keukenhof.
  • Best is to book you tickets and parking on-line at